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Fighting the Beast to the End

I have struggled with BV for over a year now. From my experience, the physicians have no idea what to do. There are medications to take, but they take a great toll on your liver. And there is no guarantee. I am not interested in that route. I took it one time and it scared me. FIgured I'd rather be alive and healthy with an itchy crotch than wasting away with liver failure, feeling fresh. Needless to say, I remain confident someone will come up with the natural cure. I sure wish they'd hurry up though.

I can tell you this about my version. It is completely related to sugar intake. I can practically eradicate the stuff from my body. (though I can almost feel it patrolling....) And as soon as I eat my coveted chocolate chip cookie, things go awry. Mostly because I cannot eat just one. My sugar intake peaks. Next day...there comes tiny waft of...the dreaded smell.

I also get small sores either in my nose, mouth, or tiny little pimples on the outside of my nostrils. (when they're inside they are quite painful.)

This is all quite irritating to me, because I eat so incredibly healthy. I juice, I'm a veg, practically vegan, I eat lots of grains, veggies, seeds/nuts. I practice yoga regularly. The ONLY junk I eat is chocolate chip cookies. And when I eat them, I eat alot of them.

One thing I do (and this really helps) is to take 2 Jarrow probiotics EVERY SINGLE day. If a flare up (likely because I ran out), take throughout the day for at least 2 days and drink GoodBelly (yum!) as often as you can afford, at least once a day for 4 days.

Here are two cleansing/douching recipes I have tried successfully in the past (and continue to use). One I doctored from a previous post. I can't say either cures it but it certainly quells the tide and takes out the itch and the smell.

50/50 hydrogen peroxide/distilled h2o
1-2 drops tea tree oil (the less there is, the more powerful, really). TTO is antibacterial and antifungal. TTO is the safest and gentlest essential oil for the entire body and is one of the few eo's that can be put 'neat' on the skin, meaning doesn't need a carrier oil. No brainer.


distilled h20
1 tablespoon-1/4 cup-ish of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

Either recipe really feels like you cleaned house. You can get a good night's rest without that ridiculous discomfort. There is a concern about douching too much. I agree. However, for me, sometimes the only other option is a potato scrubber.
And I really don't want to do that.
In a pinch, Braggs on a cotton square tucked inside the labia. It's like a fire was lit, but for me I withstand it for a minute or so. Once removing the pad, and the sting subsides, the itch is gone. That may seem sadistic to some. But I much prefer pain over itch. especially if it is brief and works.

The first whiff I get, I get a sea sponge and douse with hydrogen peroxide. Squeeze out with a towel (trust me on this, your first sneeze will confirm this need). Add 1 drop TeaTree Oil. Insert for the day. It fights the beast, and keeps the discharge and smell at bay. At the end of your work day, remove. Rinse well with water .soak in white vinegar to disinfect. (you can get sponges on look for HolySponge)

What I am about to do now. Because I have grown tired of this and I am ready to fight the beast full on now.

I am going on a 5 day cleanse. All sugar will be removed from my diet (give me strength).

In addition, I recently read a post here about using Redmond Clay. Making a concoction and drinking it. I looked it up. It's very interesting, and ceratinly can't hurt. So while I cleanse, I will clay.

Wish me luck. Hope these recipes and suggestions help you with your beast.

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What kind of tea tree there an certain kind.I wud buy it pharmacy, n the hair supply section.

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