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So I had a boil next to my breast for the longest time. I would say about a week. I used everything I read about; boule ease, toothpaste, antibiotic cream. Until I found PRIDS. It's a drawing salve that will draw the boil out to a head and pop. I recommend sea salt soaks and warm wash cloth compresses. The heat helps the boil soften and to ease. After doing the sea salt soaks and using the PRIDS salve for 3 days, my boil popped. INSTANT RELIEF! I hated my life for that week haha. I would say the sea salts soaks helped the most and is what eased my boil. I just bout regular non iodine sea salt in the grocery isle and used hot water and soaked my boob in it for about 10-15 min twice a day before putting on the PRIDS.

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