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Mommy with GH

Scratch paper

In 2008 I tested negative for all STIs including HSV1&2. I was then celibate up until I married in 2010. My husband thought he tested negative for everything also before we were married and was celibate for 3yrs. I have never seen genital blisters or cold sores on him in our 3 years of marriage. We have both been faithful. The only transmission explanation we can recollect is this. His nose was running while hunting so he rubbed it raw with his glove. He went to his social work job & saw a mental patient with blisters all over their body (could be herpetic eczema?). He then came home with red painful infection on the bottom left of his nose (no blister). We didn't think much of it & wrote it off as staph, something we've battled before. I shaved most of my pubic hairs including outer labia. Then he gave me oral pleasure as foreplay. Then when I had painful urination I thought I had a UTI and proceeded with lots of cranberry juice. When I noticed bumps on my labia (the same side his nose infection touched) we thought it was staph & I started using mupirocin (aka bactroban which probably spread it around). He also got a blister on his penis where there was a friction burn (I tend to be dry with nursing hormones).It was so painful I finally went to a GYN & the culture came back positive for HSV1.

I'm not concerned about a stigma (not worried about what other people will think), I don't feel unclean (never felt unclean about a cold virus either), I'm not sad that I have to deal with this for life (I believe God can rid me of this & if He chooses to let me deal with it forever I will still be ok), but I am horrified at the thought of passing this on to my 3yr old daughter, my 1yr old son at home or any future babies during a vaginal delivery (I prefer to have water births at home). Their little bodies aren't able to handle the virus like we adults can.

1st I wanted to clear the air a little. GH is a virus not a genetic disease so people aren't 'carriers' of GH. Someone could have the virus dormant in their nerves and never have an outbreak until a bunch of it comes out & their immune system decides to have a reaction (OB). Furthermore, antibodies don't lead to GH. If your blood work tests positive for these antibodies it means you have been exposed to the virus & your immune system has made specific proteins (aka antibodies) that help rid your body of it. The reason the medical community says it can't be cured is that your immune system doesn't go into your nerve cells to get the virus that is 'dormant'. White blood cells just wait outside the nerve for it to come out & then try to get rid of it. So OBs are a good thing it means your immune system trying to get rid of it.

I read all 32 pages of stories/remedies on here & I must say you all are inspiring, resilient & have helped me. There were a couple remedies to share that I didn't see on here. When you give birth vaginally they give you a peri-cleanse bottle (perineum bottle) to rinse with warm water after &/or during urination (not sure if you can find one in a drug store but you can find them for sure on a google shopping search). I used that bottle to spray warm water on my urine during my 1st/only OB when it came out and urinating ceased to be painful. I then dried with paper towel but think I'll use a cool blow dryer or a fan next time as the paper towel ripped a scab off once & made it painful all over again. I am still wearing grandpa boxers & skirts even when I sleep in attempt to prevent future OBs (can't go bottomless when nursing a baby through the night). Another thing no one else mentioned on here is to sleep with legs spread apart. I prefer the side/belly with top knee up like a kick stand to keep genitals dry (no sweat). I also took vitamin c & zinc & my OB became tolerable & cleared up shortly after doing all these things.

I already eat healthy but I'm going to learn about the high Lysine low Arginine diet. Start exercising again. And research more about the food grade H2O2 &/or water ozonation mentioned on here in attempt to cure this garbage for good & so I don't have to limit high Arginine foods forever.

Thank you all for sharing your stories & remedies! They are all way better than being hooked on pharmaceuticals & adding to our poverty & big pharma's billions!

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This is rather an inspirational story than a treatment story.

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