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Alright, I vowed to myself that once I find a way to get rid of BV I will share with the world!

I'm 22 and i've had BV for 7 months. To this day I am not sure how I got it. I spent a week at the beach and was in my swimsuit all day and all night, wet and dry. And I have a feeling that's what triggered it.
I spent tons and tons of money on products that I've 'heard' it worked so of course regardless of how much it cost I was determined for a cure.

I tried VH Essentials capsules and inserts, Hydrogen Peroxide, inserting probiotic capsules, changing underwear, using Summer's Eve, and a list of other things.

NOTHING WORKED! The smell would be gone for a day and it would come right back!

I did a lot of research on different vitamins, other peoples remedies and so I decided to combine a couple things and so far it's been a week and I haven't smelled any fishy smell! Even after sex!

I take all Nature's Bounty (which can be found at CVS!)-buy one get one free right now!
+Acidophilus Probiotic 1x
+Vitamin C (1000mg)2x
+Odorless Garlic Pill 2x
+Folic Acid (400mg)2pills 1x
+Cranberry Pills 2pills 2-3x

I am not sure if it's a combination of these pills that are working, or if it's specifically one. BUT they are all good for you so I just take them daily!

SO FAR SO GOOD! I had CHRONIC BV and I am telling you with everything that I have tried these vitamins are good for your body and it seems to be helping!
I hope that I have helped some of you ladies out there!

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I went to the store and bought all the vitamins didnt do the cleanse but instead have been using unscented generic baby wipes instead of toilet paper I am already starting to feel better and its only been a few hours thank you for posting


How long after doing this did it take for the odor to disappear?


You take these vitamins daily?


Wow that's a lot of pills! But I'm willing to give it a shot if it will get rid of this shameful infection. Thanks for posting and I keep you all posted on results.


You might want to talk to a pharmacist or doctor about taking that much vitamin C. Too much can cause serious organ damage and is poisonous in high amounts.

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