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Pain from large plantar wart GONE in one day.

I have been fighting this thing for about 8 months now. I have tried duct tape, banana peels, super market cryogenic kits (3 times), etc., but nothing would beat it. I was limping every day from the pain that felt like walking on the tip of a sharp knife. It was keeping me awake at night. Etc.

I read on another site where the guy tried MSM, and another guy used tea tree oil, so ... after taking a long hot shower (to soften up my foot), I crushed to powder one half of a 1000 mg MSM tablet. I then took the powder out of a 150 mg olive leaf capsule (promotes healing), and mixed them together. I added about 5 drops of 100 % tea tree oil to this mixture. It packs together fairly nicely.

I put this under a large bandaid (well, 3 bandaids actually), and after several hours the pain went away. I renewed it every day (just because it kept the pain away), and on the 5th day was able to remove most of the callous with a pumice stone. It just kept coming off!!

Up to this point, the pumice stone was always too painful to use. I am at 7 days now, and I haven't limped since day one. I have had minor aches (just cuz I have a large callous on the ball of my foot), but no shooting, bite-my-lip pains.

I think I am finally winning this battle. Pass it on!

Hope this helps,

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Mike Collalto

I wonder if the callous on the ball of your foot has a plantar wart under it?

Recently, i saw someone else's foot who said she limps due to the callous, but a callous alone will not or should not do that unless there is a Plantar Wart Of Horror under it in my opinion now that i feel like an expert after not knowing i had one for thirty years plus.

In my case, the stress it was puting on my imune system caused other complications like endless tinea which is also now gone now that i have killed the wart under what i thought was just a corn under my big toe.

To get through all that skin, i soaked the area with a very wet wad of gauze dressing and after a day or two the area swelled up with the plantar wart under it that was beginning to trigger an immune response from my body. Crikey it was painful.

After it swelled with a considerable amount of very liquid puss under it, i was able to use a pumice stone to wear away the top of the bulge like a blister, and that released the built up fluid and a tiny bit of blood. Then i went off the vinegar and just tried to let the wound settle and used Silver Sulfadiazene to keep the wound sterile so i would not get secondary infection from the open hole with the wart right down deep in it. Mine was very deep. My doctor said it was almost at the bone level which is why i did not want surgery which i am terrified of.

In my anecdote 'The Plantar Wart Of Horror' i describe how i went in cycles with the vinegar to test if there was any wart left and would proceed to give it a rest in between treatments with the vinegar.

It is also intersting to google that vinegar was used to make the Human Papiloma virus visible in genital areas, as the wart virus is invisible unless treated with vinegar which turns it white coloured when it is in this area of the body.

Going the vinegar way if the wart is deep is pretty scary. I changed my dressing every day and used water proof tape dressing that was quite wide.

If i had one on the ball of my feet, i would need to figure out some way of making sure the area stayed wet with vinegar. Maybe i could make something that would do the job out of a rubber glove to hold the wet gauze soaked with vinegar in place.

Each to their own, by i do feel for yo now that i have gone through it at age 54.


What is an MSM tablet??


What a great success story! I have helped my children lose their plantar warts in 7 days using banana peels, once. It didn't work with the other little guy (?why not!)I think you have to start the process immediately, treat 2-3 times a day, and never ever miss a day. I am going to try the MSM/Olive Leaf and Tea Tree Oil treatment on my Palmers warts. wish me luck- I go to the dermatologist next week (hopefully for no reason at all!)


I mixed an intire bottle of msm and olive leaf pills with a bottle of melaleuca and oregano oil together and have been putting the paste on my husband's feet coved with Band-Aids over night. We are on day 10 and the pain of 21 plantar warts is gone and they are staring to heal. After over a year of doctors, specialist, and every home remedy under the sun. I had almost Lost hope. This is a miracle!!!!!! Thank you!!

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