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I want to first say that the best thing to do when you have an abscess is to go to a dentist but like many have stated, many of us do not have insurance. I am one of those that do not have insurance and lived on a fixed income. I did a lot research and read through many remedies and decided to try the teabag remedy as I have heard that worked from family and friends.
I suffered 2-3 with living on pain reliever and warm salt water and orajel. Nothing seemed to be working and I knew that once the abscess came to a 'head' it could be drained and relief was on its way. Well mine was not coming to any signs of relief. Here is what I did and I am 90% better besides the soreness from the swelling and the occasional draining.
First you need to soak a teabag in hot water for about 5 minutes then drain the excess liquid out of the bag. From there, you then soak the teabag in warm salt water. While the teabag is soaking in the warm salt water, take some pain reliever. After about another 5 minutes of the teabag soaking in the warm salt water, remove it and squeeze the excess liquid out. Pack the teabag in between the cheek and the area of the abscess and go to sleep.
I was awaken this morning with a weird popping feeling, and I took the teabag out. Low and behold, the abscess had popped and was draining like crazy. I am now rinsing every hr with salt water and spitting constantly. Because of the swelling, I am sore so I am now using a pain reliever that is an antiinflamatory and a cold compress to help. Hope this helps.

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This worked awesome for me I was in pain for 6 days and the second I put the tea bag on there the pain was gone instantly.


What kind of tea do you use. Does that matter?


When it drains what do you need to do?!

Ellen H.

OMG!! This worked for me sooooo well I was in extreme pain no eating or sleeping I did this tea bag remedy the next day it drained and what a relief!! I really want to thank you Angel


After the abcess pops there will be pus and sometimes some blood. Try not to swallow any of the drainage. If a place where you can spit is not available, spit into a paper cup, paper towel, anything to keep from swallowing it. A chiropractor once told me to have fresh pineapple juice handy when it is an oral abcess, for the bromain properties in pineapple, which dissolve protein so the pus is thinned and rinsed away. Again, never swallow the drainage, even if you are using the pineapple juice. When the drainage seems to have run its course, continue to rinse with natural antibiotic solutions such as colloidal silver or tea tree oil diluted with olive oil, alternate with warm salt water or peroxide to keep your mouth and teeth clean.


Does this only work on an abscess that you can see? I have one on an eye tooth and the infection spread up close to the nasal passage. I am already taking antibiotics and rinsing with peroxide and warm salt water regularly... I will try this tonight ... hoping and praying it works!


After sleeping with the salted soaked tea bag and taking it out the next morning, it took until about 6:00 that night to final pop and drain. It was disgusting but what an eventual relief!!! Thanks for the advice!!


Salt water should NEVER be drunk, only used as a rinse. Even the amount of salt used to make warm salt water rinse can cause problems for your body by throwing off your electrolyte balance. It can even be fatal.

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