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Gargle with Peroxide!

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I has constant recurring canker sores for MONTHS...I read somewhere that listerine or hydrogen peroxide might help by decreasing the bacteria in your mouth. So I bought some Vanilla Mint Listerine and began a vigorous regemine of gargling three times a day...I saw improvements the next day. I kept with the regemine and my canker sore has completely disappeared. I still follow my regemine because I don't want it to come back. Anyone who follows this advice should see results. Good luck.


I think Listerine is better than hydrogen Proxide. When I used Listerine (about $2 per bottle), I never had canker soars or other minor soars would heal within few days. When I switched to Proxide (because it was 0.47 per bottle), I ended up w/ 2 canker sores. Darn the cheap stuff! Proxide helps numb it though, but I may switch back to Listerine.


To heal canker sores quickly use dequadin. You can get it at any pharmacy without prescription, and it will heal them faster than anything else. dab some on a clean finger and rub it over your gums, the sore will heal super fast usually with only one treatment.


Do not use Hydrogen peroxide on canker sores, it is a bleach and actually kills skin cells..! Also, it is poisonous if swallowed..! Notice the warning above? this is the reason why..!

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