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Get some ice from the refrigerator and squeeze it in the palm of your hand and hold it for about 3 minutes what it does is it freezes the nerves and stops the pain !! It actually works !!

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This didn't work for us


My daughter was in a lot of pain and had took all kinds of meds and even pain meds and it didnt even touch it we found this and it worked on her thank you so much.


We didn't have any ice, so I use an ice pack. But it it helped. I had to stop holding it though before the timer beeped cause I couldn't feel my hands.


So my boyfriend tried the ice in your palm suggestion...but NO LUCK!! Still in much pain. Onto the next idea!! sorry


It helped some. It eased the pain alittle not too bad

jesus 5mh

Just used garlic powder and water as a paste. Then grabbed a qtip spun it inside and coated the infected area and its working.


This worked for me for 5mins then i couldn't feel my hand it was all num

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