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Used two of the home remedies I found on this website. I felt the blister coming on Friday after being very stressed. By Saturday morning (today) it was here in full force.

The pain got to be a little much and the swelling was awful.

I made two pastes -

First- toothpaste, table salt and neosporin (I instead used batcraband cream - prescription cream for my daughters staph infections)

I put the paste on for 10 mins then wiped off. I did this 3 times, 10 mins each time, immediately reapply. Will feel like icy hot on your lip.

Second - about 10 advil pills and peroxide. (someone else had posted rubbing alcohol and asprin, but I had to make do with what I had).
Took a while for the advil to dissolve, but will create a paste. I put this on a couple mins after the first paste I used. Talked on the phone for about 15 mins, wiped off and reapplied immediately. Left the second round on for about 10 mins.

Each time I wiped a paste off, it looked a bit better. Definitely drying out. Can see it after using each paste. And it took all of about an hour. Also seems like it helped some with the swelling.

First time I have ever tried home remedies. I am 20, have gotten maybe one or two a year the past couple years.

I also read that bleach will really help dry it out. Will dab some on before bed tonight after doing the toothpaste/salt/neosporin paste a couple more times.

Let's hope this thing is gone before Monday. We all know how embarrassing they are.

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