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chewing fresh garlic worked like magic..I seriously couldn't believe how fast the pain went away. Thank you for posting about. literally saved me...I was crying and seriously consisering pulling ny own tooth out!!

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Awesome! Pain was instantly gone after a couple of chews from the garlic. Feel great now! thanks.


aw my me too I'm in so much pain I tried this pains gone for now but its a sure visit to the dentist tomorrow

I tried everything pain killer clove oil nothing worked


Does it have to be a full garlic or half..


Thank alots!!its workedout!! Tha garlic thing!n its really magic jst in few min tha whole pain wentaway!appreciate...


best remedy....really garlic solution !!!! its a magic..
thnx a lot


best remedy... garlic is the best solution for tooth ache... thnx a lot...


Garlic worked. I took 4 Kyolic capsules and broke them open, dissolved in a little salt water and held in my mouth around 10 min. Pain subsided. Then I followed up with the fresh garlic. Pain was gone! After several hours, I finally got releif!

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