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I had a plantar wart for about 3-4years that then spread into 7 on the bottom of my left foot. I had done the over-the-counter freezing casually before and they wouldn't go away. I finally decided enough was enough and I wasn't going to stop until they were gone for good! I was also determined to do this at home since I had no insurance. This is what I did....
--Bought the Dr. Scholl's Dual Action Freeze Away Kit from Target (freezing stuff plus the salicylic acid liquid)
--Also bought the Clear Away Plantar Warts little salicylic acid 'stickers' (they come with 24)

At NIGHT before bed
--Soaked my feet with hot hot water and then pumiced them vigorously. I used same pumice for only these bits of my feet.

--Froze them with the Dr. Scholl's kit but I ignored their instructions for the maximum number of seconds to hold the applicator to the wart. Says to do I think 40 seconds max, but I held them there until I couldn't stand it any longer and it went numb, maybe 90 seconds.

--Then instead of applying the Salicylic Acid that it comes with, at NIGHT I applied the Plantar Wart little 'stickers' and wore them while I slept, covered by the little cushions that are provided. I found that the stickers wouldn't stay on for me during the day with walking around whether wearing closed toe shoes with socks or sandals.
**tip--one pack only comes with 24 stickers so to maximize them I would use tiny little scissors to cut them in half for the smaller warts.

--In the morning I would take off the little stickers, pick off any skin that was softened or raised with nippers, THEN APPLY THE LIQUID SALICYLIC acid that came with the freezing kit. This liquid is thick and dries kinda like super glue. Works for me during daytime bc it would just stay on the skin. This way Salicylic Acid was always covering the warts 24 hrs/day.

--Then at night I would scrub off the acid in the shower (with the pumice that only touches that part of the foot!) or cut off the top layers with cuticle nippers (you really have to cut AGGRESSIVELY) and reapply the little stickers before bed.

The constant contact with Acid plus the repeated cutting/nipping/scrubbing to expose fresh skin is what worked. I did the above process for about ONE WEEK until I ran out of the Plantar Wart stickers, then continued with just the little bottle of Salicylic Acid from the dual kit, morning and night for another 2 weeks. The warts gradually and finally went away and after a few more weeks the skin finally healed. It has been almost 2 years now that I've been wart-free. Recently I think a new tiny one in the same area has begun because of the telltale little 'crater' but I'm not that worried because I know now how to get rid of it and to get it early! This method was tedious and a pain but really, after years of those annoying bumps, a couple weeks of diligence is totally worth it. Be tenacious, it's the only way!

Oh, also wanted to add that I'm pre-diabetic and was worried about the foot skin healing. Luckily it did for me, but just be careful and beware.
Other tips--
--After showering, I would spray the tub floor with a bleach cleaner to try to keep from spreading the virus to others.
--I wore slippers or socks everywhere else inside the house.
--I also either cleaned (hot water wash with bleach) or threw out any shoes (mostly flip flops--I'm in California) to avoid reinfecting myself.

Happy to report that I was wart

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