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I have rather oily skin and because I have acne (mostly around my mouth) I try to conceal it using foundation in the daytime. I recommend sea buckthorn oil. Even if you do have oily skin, using oil is ok. You see, your skin produces oil because it thinks it needs it. When you try to get rid of that oil using harsh soaps, your it will Just make more of it. It's like washing your hair everyday. If you wash it too much then it becomes irritated. Sea buckthorn oil (found at local health food stores) calms and reduces redness. Also, don't spend money on over the counter acne soaps. With a quality product(although it may cost more) you will see results the NEXT morning. If you don't, it was q waste of time and money.

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Hi I suffer with really bad spots and blemishing, but I find that if I use oil free make up wipes (which I use in the morning and at night before I got to bed), I always wash my makeup brush every couple of days with shampoo. And wash my face with dove hand wash everyday it works a treat, dove dries the spots out which works wonders. I hope this is an easier and quicker remedy for you.

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