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well this is what worked for me i made up my own diet from somethings from the web and my own. these are the three meals i been eating for the last three weeks. for breakfast i eat a small bowl of oatmeal one toasted wheat bread no butter a banana and bottle water. for lunch i eat white rice one gold microwave potato a small bowl of can spinach one wheat toasted bread and one stalk celery and bottle water. for lunch i eat 2 toasted wheat bread 2 slices of turkey extra lean sandwich meat 1 stalk celery and bottle water. and i have to tell you i feel 80% cured no more chest pain. remember keep your meals small chew your food good before swallowing. 1 bite of celery between each spoon of food. you can substitute the spinach with sweet peas or green beans the potato with powder mash potato. i think the key here is the spinach celery and bananas. i not a church goer but it don't hurt to pray a good luck to all who try this.

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