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Hi, I been suffering with low urinary tract infections all my life. 3 years ago someone send me e-m with natural remedy for fighting E coli bacteria in your urinary tract as well intestines.
It works excellent for me -
125 gr whole lemon with skin
125 gr. parsley root, or if you cannot get it , parsley leafs are good too.
100 gr honey ( as natural you can get, better )
100 ml virgin olive oil
Wash lemon with brush, and remove the thin layer of the outside skin with hand grater. Cut it in smaller pcs. and put in blender.
Do the same with parsley root, or wash and cut a bit before putting in blender parsley leafs.
Add olive oil and honey, and blend it until it`s become creamy.
Put it in the clean glass jar with lid, and keep it in the fridge.
Take one big plastic spoon on empty stomach in the morning, and before eating in the evening.
Do this for 2 weeks, and if you feel good stop, or if not yet, continue for another week or two.
Start using this remedy as soon you start feeling first signs of discomfort , it will disappear faster.

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