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I am 25 and have been documented to have had GH for the last 5 years. I say it like this because i have only truly found out about having GH this year, which is when i had my first outbreak. I was first told i had GH in 2009 when i had received my std full panel check. I was pregnant and they naturally do the full panel. Which again i also found out this year unless you ask for a full panel std check when you go to the doctors they will do only the basic std check which is for chlamydia, gonorrhea and one other std. When my male obgyn told me this in 2009 I of course was in shock! I responded with i never had an outbreak i don't understand. His response was don't worry about it, a lot of people have it and don't have outbreaks, you may just be a carrier. Since he made no big deal of it, it instantly washed from my mind and i never thought about it again until my first outbreak which was the beginning of this year. The day before my outbreak i was at the beach for 5 hours on a hot sunny day with no sunscreen on. Of course i end up getting badly burnt all on my back, thighs, feet, ect. The next day i was itching so bad down there and my body was hurting so bad from the sun burn. By the third day little bumps started to show up and by the fourth day the virus started to release it self. Then it all came back to me that i really did have GH. That first week of having my first break out i cried every day. I had it for about two weeks my first time. When i say two weeks i mean for it to come, scab and completely disappear. I had went to see the doctor a week after already having it and she prescribed Acyclovir 400 mg. My second ob was 6 months later, which i took the Acyclovir as soon as it started to itch and even though it still hurt some the virus did not full out expose itself like the first time. So by a week it was completely gone. I always try to keep area dry so using baby powder with cornstarch is best. Now a month or so after having my 2nd ob i feel like i am about to have another one. It seems so weird to have had the virus for 5 yrs with no noticeable symptoms and then all of a sudden it seems to come soon after. I found myself drinking coffee every day, since i recently moved further up north, which is something i have never done before and that's the only change in my diet. So i would advise to stay away from caffeine.

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Some foods are reported to affect outbreaks like alcohol, popcorn, nuts, chocolate and coffe. Poor diet is also a factor.

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