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I have had stretch marks since around the time I turned 14. I've been researching the best solution for these pesky marks & stumbled upon a site that suggested the use of a derma roller. I ordered one about 2 weeks ago & have used it about 3 times. I'm amazed at how fast I've seen results! I had dark purple stretch marks on my inner thigh & they are now significantly lighter & the depth of the marks has decreased dramatically. while I don't think that these marks will disappear all together, I do believe that consistency with the derma roller along with the use of other products will do the trick. about every 4 days, way more than the recommended use, I use the derma roller as soon as I exit the shower, making sure to roll the derma roller in several different patterns. after, I rub a mixture of vitamin e oil & bio oil on to the marks. I spend about 2 minutes massaging the oil into each spot. the derma roller can be found on Amazon, & the oils can be found at any local store (I found them at walmart). I would recommend rubbing oil on to the marks twice a day every day, regardless of whether or not you use the derma roller. consistency is key! I believe that in a couple months these marks will be barely noticeable. good luck! :)

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I read the best oil to use for stretch mark reduction is warm, pure olive oil, which also has vitamins b, d & e.


Exfoliate your skin. Treat the stretch marks with an exfoliating cream .
Exfoliating creams help remove dead skin cells. As your remove dead and dying skin cells with an exfoliating treatment, new skin cells naturally form to take their place


God is the only solution for your problem i pity you spell will only add to your problems

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