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My husband was in so much pain at 3am he woke me up so I got on this site for remedies. See we are both recovering addicts so taking pain pills narcotics.isnt an option. He tried the mouthwash remedy and instant releif, thank you

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Similar situation here....what I've done for tooth remedies is:

Rinse with either garlic. Hydrogen peroxide, salt and water, baking soda, or Olive oil....I did all of these separately with flossing in between and it seemed to ease my tooth infection...least my cheek isn't swollen like before with these remedies. Also, ate potatoes, salmon, broccoli, spoonfuls of garlic, clove leaves, and vitamin C supplements for my diet for those few days of having a swollen cheek in addition to icing my cheek for a night....Hydrogen peroxide seemed to give me the most relief and chamomile tea for 3 am tooth pains. Hope that helps.

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