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Hello, I currently suffer from an abcessed tooth. I received a root canal about 2 months ago and boy did I feel better afterwords ! However now I feel crucial pain and an abscess has formed in the spot of the root canal. I have found a remedy that sorta kinda works. Brush your teeth softly with baking soda and tooth paste , rinse with peroxide and water. Then take ibuprofen like Motrin and place a cold compress to the side of the tooth ache . This does not work in matter of seconds but it does make you feel better for the time being. I'm waiting on my dentist appt as we speak . God bless.

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Be VERY careful using cold compresses on an abscess. Was told by my dentist that it actually can make it WORSE, because the infection will spread, looking for heat. Hot compresses are also bad, as it will thin the blood and infection and make it spread faster as well.

But, you can ask your dentist what he thinks.

Hope you get some relief soon! I too am battling an abscess(a REALLY bad one!).

Soft foods, antibiotics, pain relievers, and of course anti-inflammatories.

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