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I know most of us have stoumach pains. This is a very old remedy, but it works fine. But pleaase do not drink it every day, the limit you can i once everyday for 3 days. Ok this is what you do. You first grab a mug of water and heat it up. Make sure its microwaveable. Then, after itis in there and pretty hot, add Jello mix and stir. Dont add too much, it will be too strong to drink. After stirring, add some honey, make sure to put it the amount needed to make the Jello mjx too strong. Now stir and serve. Make sure to drink it warm, otherwise if it cools too much, it will become Jello. This works for me, and it also kills any fly virus that may be forming from Allergies. This soothes Sore Throat, Redness in throat, Coughing, Flu, Runny Nose, and Clogged up Nose.

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I tried it, and actually worked! It didnt even taste bad! Perfect for all ages. If your children likes Kool-aid or such, it tastes just like it except warmed.


Why did I put stoumach pains?


Hi, what's the dose of drinking? Did you drink this 3 times a day?


you cant be serious

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