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Juan Ramirez

I've been eating 2 or three apples a day that helps, but what I really think helped the most is using compression leggings while you sleeping, may sound gay for men but it worked for me (I'm straight). Also try to relax before going to bed, you know, take a bath, listen to relaxing music. About the compression leggings... I had to look for in women section to buy a couple and try them. Try that it might work for you as well. And you can add in my profile that I tried the soap under the sheets but it didn't work for me. So some things may help some people but not to others, that apply to the tip I'm giving you today.

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Why would wearing compression stockings be for gay men? You are a bigot. Maybe you need something for your restless bigot syndrome instead of your legs.

Kim Jong - on

Hey Juan: You no gay, I no gay either. I like wearing bra, fishnet stockings, garter, and camisole. Dennis Rodman say I look real pretty in them. I lonely since Dennis leave. Give me a call. I get some orphan boys and I pretend I wholesome, patriotic, peasant, girl protecting family and you be evil, rapacious, capitalistic aggressor that has his way with whole family. We have fun. NO BIG PHARMA, Call me! Your Little Kimchee

Kim Jong - un

Hey Juan: I have good time. You may be gay afterall - hehehehehehehe. Those wicked, decadant, ways not legal here in Glorious Peoples' Republic. You lucky you get away before thrown in death camp. If any orphan boys live, I sell to Saudi Ambassador and send you half the money. I also send naked pics of B.H.O. that my agents take of him in Chicago bath house. NO BIG PHARMA! Your Dear Young Leader Forever XOXOXO


Compression stockings can be found at medical supply stores as well.

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