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So this is my 3rd time having Bv followed by a yeast infection. The Metrozonicle didn't work.. my skin was so irritated-I was dry and itchy and it was starting to sting!! I did my research and read forums of home remedies. I didn't want to douche bc I feel like that is more disruptive. I tried washing with vinegar-my skin was so irritated and dry it burned!! and didn't do anything for me. so I went to whole foods and this is what I got:
Ultimate vaginal Flora 90 billion probiotic
vitamin d3
vitamin c 1000
Folic acid
womens complete whole food vitamin.
tea tree oil

I took two probiotic and inserted one in my vajay with a tampon.took all the other vitamins by mouth. drank a whole bottle of water- treated my poor dry irritated skin with a wipe of tea tree oil-it burnssssss like hell for about 10/15 minutes then starts to tingle then cools so beware.

I felt alittle better that evening...

this morning I took 1 of each of the vitamins and inserted the probiotic to clear out the bv and inserted the vitamin c 1000 along with it to keep my PH acidity levels up to fight the yeast infection. also did a tea tree wipe.

right now I feel no irritation from the inside-just my skin which is irritated from a whole week of scratching-I feel much better down there-there is discharge but no smell. Im hopeful, I will continue this procedure for the next 3 to 5 days to ensure I am 100% fresh.

Thanks to everyone before me writing in their experiences-hope this helps!

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I struggled with Bv for 5 years. I tried every remedy there was, nothing worked. Been with the same man for 7 years...I actually gave up on it.I started having problems pooping recently,and I saw ultimate flora 90 billion capsules. The reviews were pretty good, it mentioned vaginal health but honestly I didn't care anymore. To make a long story short..After a few weeks I noticed that not only can I poop... but out of nowhere the stinky, fishy discharge just vanished. After years of trying , that ended up being the solution for me. I think it's worth a shot. .. I got mine from because I trust them. .. but I'm sure it can be found online in more places. It's worth the money for sure! Best accident ever!!

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