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I was diagnosed with HPV a few weeks ago. I'm not a huge fan of using a lot of chemicals on my body, so as of last night I started treating myself with a regiment of Apple Cider Vinegar and afterwards cleaning the affected area with Hydrogen Peroxide. I use the ACV once in the morning for 15 minutes and at night for one hour. I use the Hydrogen Peroxide after every regiment of ACV and once during the midday. During the night, I cover the area with a lotion to sooth the skin (using straight ACV WILL cause burning and will dry the skin because it is destroying the layers of skin slowly). My affected area is quite large, but after 24 hours of using it, I can already tell that some of the warts are starting to turn black in the middle, which is a sign of the wart dying. Hopefully they will soon scab and come off completely. I will check back and update you guys on further progress!

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First of all, person who is spamming the Skinhale, this website is for people who have a serious and embarrasing problem, and shame on you for trying to use it to your company's advantage! Secondly, I've been using the ACV and Hydrogen Peroxide for about a week plus now, my biggest wart has turned black and fell off. Since it was so big, it did leave a lesion and i now have a band aid over it. I've also started taking a MultiVitamin and a Sunflower vitamin, and the Vitamin D also aids the body with fighting the virus. I can definitely see a reduction in the warts!!

Canadian Friend

That skinhale looks like spam.......I got genital warts a year or so ago and didn;t notice any warts until 4-6 months ago, may have been because of a loss of healthy diet and low amune system,,,, I was looking around the internet an saw this site and was a few comments and desided to a result I did pick up some Cider Vinager from a grocery store and decided to use it,,,I wasn't aware of proper application, but was desperate,,,So, I started with puring a small bowl of Cider vinager, taking a hot shower before applying(my though was it would help open the pores) then took some toilet paper(as thats all I had on hand at the time) soked the paper and applied it to the groths like you would with paper mashe..and held it there for 1hr and 15 mins,I noticed after an hour it really started to burn, but it meant it was working, then every day for three days, giving myself the fouth day as a grace period,,,as it burns like hell,it seems to pull out the warts that havent even showed up yet,,looked to me like it was killing the whole root system, then repeated the same process over and over, after three weeks or so,,,I notices the warts turned white, then black, and on my last treatment, the black started coming off with the toilet paper,, as I looked closer in the light,,there was slight craters were the warts used to be,,NO MORE WARTS, I looked on the bottle of cider vinager I used, and its active ingredient is 5% Acetic Acid,,Similar to Wartrin, which used Salicylic Acid, Wartrin costs alot of money,$99.00-$200.00 and some of us cant afford it, and doctor perscriptions too...but keep in mind cider vinager is a slow process and you need to be consistent with the treatment,I noticed Wartrin also has Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin E.Using Cider Vinager, My outbreak has decreased enough to feel better about myself, has given me more confidence,, and I will buy some tea tree oil $10.00 to complete the process,,as it stands My warts are gone but has slight scaring,,,it must be important to keep your amune system as stronge as you can,I learned this and keep your area very dry,,like wear shorts and sleep with a light blanket because warts thrive in moist areas,, Ive been drinking alot of orange juice and taking vitamins since,, and still using vider vinager once in awhile,, Ive been happy with the results,no more warts yet LOL,,hope some of this helps guys.......good luck...

Canadian Friend

I wouldn't use and moisterizing cream of soothing products,,, just seems iffy on the moister part,, i kept my area dry as a bone and put up with the pain,so far the treatment i used worked well

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