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I seriously suffered from pile, where i was unable to sit, cough, pains for morethan 5-6 hr even during my sleep.

I tried a lot with himalaya pilex tablets and its cream,it was totally useless.

Kept more fibers in food, but doesn't much useful.

I telephonic called a doctor clinic, who uses thread technique, attender said treatment cost Rs.45,000/-. Which was unaffordable to me and also feel shy to do it.

After 10 days of above treatment I visited ayurvedic doctor, who gave me some powder. This powder is a fecal softener not the laxative. I used it for 15 days. After 15 days pile healed naturally. So I suggest to go was fecal softener. If required i can help.

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Job Mutambirwa

Help me l am having piles severe ones.Every time when l visit the toilet l discharge blood .When l am sleeping l discharge watery fluid.Please help.l am looking forward for a favourable reply.My email address is
Yours Faithfully
Job Mutambirwa


Please help me,
Phone no.8983870455
Also mail ID-


i also sufring from this deses help me plese my ph no is 9878127076

S. K

M 28 year old... me too suffered from this utterly disgusting (so painful that u wish to rather die than live this agony ) non-tellable disease.

had excruciating pain while passing stool (so much pain that i feared toilet seat) with blood.

it all started in November,2013 if i remember correctly,as i m very shy person by nature so i didnt tell nobody what i m going through....

initially i changed my diet a bit and tried to become a vegetarian only (and also i m addict to nothing, no smoking no tobacco, nothing ) ,started eating more fruits but it didn't go away. instead it started to become more painful with every passing day.

i was truly and absolutely clueless and completely devastated and didn't know what to do,i cant express my pain in words.
tried few ointments, home remedies (like the mixture of Garlic+honey etc) but nothing worked and my condition continued to detoriate.

All i could do was to pray that 'ohh my creator,plz help me and make this bad thing go away completely and grant me full health'

Then finally my prayers were answered and while searching i came across a very small post which told to take 'RUTIN 500 mg' tablets daily

i thought why not? and bought a 10 tablet pack for some 190 rupees.
within 2 days i could feel the difference,coz i could feel the piles were shrinking and by 7th day the pain was all gone.

Now bolstered by this i added Fibre to my diet and started taking 'Psyllium Husk' 1 full table spoon before going to bed,and also started taking Amla juice in the Morning. and in between also tried some 'yoga for constipation and piles' which i found on YouTube(its by baba ramdev,and very beneficial )

it took me 3 mnths to fully recover from this disgusting disease,Now i m fully healthy, my constipation all gone which was due to my bad diet. Now i eat anything i want and still dont get constipated.

just 1 thing which i never forget or miss and have made it my daily routine , is my Fibre (psylium husk) intake which is 1 table spoon before going to bed.

One more thing, i took 'RUTIN 500mg' for 1 mnth only, Amla juice continued for 3 mnths, u can also take Aloe vera juice instead of Amla juice.
continued my yoga for 2 mnths(mostly did only 1 yoga which is known as 'Kapaal Bhaati pranaayam' and did it 15 mins daily for 2 mnths.its too good for our entire body.

i really wanted to share my story so that all those who are suffering from this bad disease could benefit and completely recuperate.

One request to all my brothers and sisters is that if u do get benefitted from this which i m sure u will in-sha-ALLAH, then plz pray for me, remember me in ur prayers, and share the treatment with others so that no one has to go through and suffer this terrible thing

Your Brother


Ismail bhai help me alot mujhe bhut taklif ho rahi h piles ke wajah se giv me a misscall atleast na 8961166067 Ankit.
Dat how can I cure dis problm plz


Please give any Idea about RUTIN 500 TABS,from where I can find it???


I am also suffering from analysis fissure can any one give me a medicine my no is 9843577722


I do have same issue .plz help me.text me n whatsapp :8891288723


Please help me am also suffering with alot of pain when going long call and even blood oozing out.Please please!


please give me the information about fecal powder like,price,stackits,stores and there doses.
it cure internal pile peremently to use this powder please tell me...& Help me.

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