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Girls guess what, I'm cured!

I had BV for about a year and I had tried everything. Apple Cider, Hydrogen Peroxide, Tea Tree Oil, Greek Yogurt, Probiotics, Vitamin C, Liquid Chlorophyll, and everything else under the sun. The closest thing that helped was boric acid. It lessen the amount, smell, and thickness of the discharge. But it wasn't a permanent solution.

A while back someone posted on Sodium Bentonite Clay, and because of my desperate need for a cure I looked into it. Sodium Bentonite Clay has a strong negative electromagnetic charge, and when activated by water, it acts like a magnet in and on our bodies, pulling metals and toxins to it. It also has an affect on the body’s pH and provides the body with some vital minerals at the same time.

So I decided to take my chances and buy some. And within a week beautiful clear discharge has arrived. I used Redmond Clay which has a mixture of Sodium and Calcium Bentonite clay. I put a spoonful of the clay in a bottle of water (make sure to use a plastic spoon because the clay removes toxins like metal so once you use a metal spoon you already wasted the either product) and shake it up til most of the clay chunks are gone. Take it for a week and you're in the clear :)
It is also good for the rest of your body.

I'm not a spokesperson or some random person. I am a 20 year old woman, who suffered a year with this and finally woke up from bed happy. God bless the woman that put up this a advice up a while back, I thank God for her! Please please please take this chance to try this, I know how it feels to feel hopeless, but you don't have to live with this at all! God Bless you all! I Love you all! And good luck! You are not alone!

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Is this clay natural? Where cam I buy it?, Over the counter, a local store, or a health food store? THANK YOU, can't wait to try it.


So you drink this mixture? Is that all you did? No vitamins or anything else?


I am so confused on how to ingest this? Do you just drink it or do you spray it on yourself? Please someone let me know! Thanks


I have started this regimen and I am drinking it (I am not the original person who posted this info). After I saw this post I started doing research on clay, sodium bentonite, Redmond Clay...and the Redmond Clay is safe to drink. It is directed on the side of the container as For Internal Use as well as external. I also started taking Femdophilous at least 2 hours before or after I drink the clay. My BV feels a little better but not much, however, I've only been doing this about a day and a half. So I think it will take more time.


You can buy it online on Amazon.
You can drink it, I never thought of applying it.


hi- i just ordered the Redmond Clay .. any updates on how well it is working? what dosage should i take for drinking it? do the users think that this is something to drink every day to maintain pH balance + add the Femdophilus capsules? excited to try this


Thank you so much for your update sister I have been struggling a long time with this, trust the clay for this now after seeing multiple positive reviews. BV suggestions are often more mixed than not and I feel like we're all in the dark together so thanks for having a good intuition to pick out what worked and for sharing that light. God bless you love you wish you best of health


I treated myself with Kaolin clay in water and it cured me. Researching about bentonite clay, I only had Kaolin clay available without having to wait utill I sourced some bentonite clay I tried kaolin clay and it worked. Amazing the Ancient Greek physician Dioscorides said clay has a god like intelligence knowing where to go and what to do.Healing clays have been used as a medicine since antiquity. Earths healing pharmacy.

Kaolin and bentonite clay have detoxifying and cleansing properties and help ph levels. Taking clay in water about a teaspoon and bathing in a clay bath was a miracle. It worked better than probiotics, and antibiotics. Antibiotics can cure some women. However sometimes the condition reoccurs and antibiotics are not good to take continuously. Clay works wonders. Ancient Greek physicians were enlightened


Continuing from the previous post it was actually echinacea tincture that was more powerful at treating the condition. Although clay helps to detoxify. Yarrow tincture is a recommended naturopathic remedy.

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