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have a remedy!

Hi ladies, I developped BV about 4 months ago, and each time I went to the doctors and got an antibotic and each time it came back within a few weeks. My bf was getting really mad b/c he thought I was cheating and I was having such a hard time trying to defend myself while feeling so gross with myself. Obviously there are many ways it's caused - thats not why I'm posting. Usually I don't post on websites, like ever, but I'm hoping my remedy will help someone like me nd I haven't seen it mentioned here yet. I read this trend about a week ago, I saw that folic acid and acidophilus helped a few women in treatment so I tried them out. I tried orally and inserting one of each 'down there', i tried this for about a week to no avail. Finally my bf told me about a n herbal treatment (he is a naturalist) and he told me about an herb called goldenseal. He told me to buy it in a bulk powder, however I couldn't find it anywhere so I bought capsules at my local heathfood store (there are only 1 or two brands that carry goldseal capsules so they might be hard to find but DEFINATELY worth it) It you cn find it in the bulk powder al the better, u make a tea with it. Anyways, I've been taking the capsules as the bottle says (2 capsules, 3 times a day.. i know its alot..) but i've been taking them for only 3 days and am actually symptom free. I have been desperate for so long and I finally found the remedy for myself at least... so i encourage you all to try it, seriously... i am so relieved and happy and tried the other probiotics and vitamins and this has been the only natural cure for me. Please give it a try I know I am thankfull I found out about it. :)

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Hi, is this still working for you?


Yes, please is the Goldseal still working? I am not sure if I should use it with Acidophis but was told Acidophis helps.. Rephresh vaginal gel seemed to help at first but then I use Miconazole (3)day only used once as it burned me.


Does taking 2 acidophilus pills a day and inserting 1 for 6 days really work?
Or does taking 2 pills of Goldseal 3x daily work better?

Used Rephresh 2 days seemed to help a bit but than tried a yeast cream didn't help burnt.
Found urinating a lot more too
may need to see Dr UI ruled out. Please reply Thanks

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