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WOMAN!! Ok so I read all the input and made my home remedy out of what I had to work with. I ate one container of activia yogurt, shot down 2 ounces of lemon juice, inserted a capsule full of the white powder that helps yeast infections, soaked a tampon with tea tree oil and inserted it in and out 3 times and wiped myself outside with tea tree oil as well. I have only had vaginosis one other time and I have to say the odor this time was absolutely horrid. I have battled yeast from the age of 12. I do believe my system hates suger and anything white like bread, potatoes, rice, alcohol. I balance my system by eating plane yogurt and drinking plenty of water for 2 days. this usually wipes out the bad yeast. So in conclusion I am hoping that by the morrow my vaginosis is gone. I will not visit the doctor for drugs as they just do not work and can make you worse. Water...lemon juice...yogurt!! YAY

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