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Me mine

Hey all and thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I started vertigo now 2 months ago. Dizziness was very bad. I too like you all was determine to find a solution. Its an Indian homemade remedy. The receipe is I took 2 tsp of sesame oil add 2 cloves of small garlic. If big limit it to one. Crush it very well. Then put a sauce pan on gas and add 2 tsp sesame oil until warm then add garlic to warm oil and let it become brown. Takes about 5 mins. Then let it cool. Strain oil carefully with help of cloth preferably cotton or a sieve. Make sure you don't get garlic in it. To use just warm in microwave and fill your ear, wait for 10 mins and drain it off on tissue. Repeat for another ear too. Do for few days. This will help. Tc all.

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Mianya Radke Devochka

Does regular vegetable oil work too?

Marcia Douglas

For my vertigo I just took a Bendryl. It really work..


Ya, vege oil should be fine. Tc.


how about olive oil, will it work also?


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Marie brown

My husband has had several attacks of vertigo & we found that vertifree from does the trick everytime. And it's a natural medicine

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