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For the last 2 years I have suffered from a boil that consistently comes back once every 2-4 months. It is in a very, well, how do I say this.... uncomfortable place (my left labia majora, to be technical). At first I would always go to the emergency room or my doctor because it is unbearable (red, hot to the touch, swollen doesnt begin to describe it, and it makes me feel like I have the flu: aches, chills, etc.). This time my fiance decided he was going to try something new without me constantly going to the doctor and racking up UN-godly amounts of debt.

He made a liqidy-paste from Tumeric (we used the capsules and snapped them to get the powder out), tea tree oil and cornmeal. I applied it to a surgical pad/gauze and changed it every time I went to use the restroom. I know it sounds very weird, but I used it for 2 days consecutively in turn with an Epsom salts bath and shower before bed, applying only tea tree oil at night and another bath and shower when I woke. After the initial two days I felt it slowly healing itself (less red, less swollen and not as painful), and began pulling back on the paste a little (it does make for an almost raw feeling if used too much) and used tea tree oil only if I was going to work. I am a week past this experience and am feeling great! We found everything we needed at the local supermart and the biggest thing is I didn't have to go through yet another dose of antibiotics.

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Hello people, I have a simple solution for boils that works wonders for me. I use Apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball, at the first sign
I leave it on all day. You may need to take something for the pain. Simple I hope this is helpful... God bless


If it is a boil. Its usually a Staff infection. I would get them all the time. Best thing I found that work for me was to keep the area will cleaned and use tea tree oil. I would use it twice a day. It would stay to respond within a day. That's me so all I can say. Good luck and hope the best to you

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