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So I've been dealing with this problem since childhood. Dermatitis is an issue in my family, and the eczema seems to have moved from my hands to my face.

This semester had been particularly tough for me due to stress issues. I think that's when the A.C. got completely out of hand.

I freaked out and tried every remedy I could, in haste. I ended up scarring my lips, and going to a doctor who prescribed me a Nystatin cream, and Desonide for night. These made the cuts go away, but not the rash and redness.

Just tonight, I'm sitting at my computer, being depressed about my A.C. and I noticed my can of antifungal powder spray with 1% tolnaftate and baking soda.

It seems to be getting rid of the redness! Perhaps the anti-fungal in the Nystatin was becoming ineffective. I'll update.

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