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I had GW once 2 years ago and I didn't do anything to them, just began living a healthier lifestyle and after 3 months they were gone. I recently got them again, 2 weeks ago actually. I decided to just see if I decreased my stress levels if they would go away...they didn't. 3 days ago I decided to try home remedies before going to the doctor. I was scared to burn my area (entire inner labia covered in tiny cauliflower-like warts) so I made a paste out 5 Vitamin E capusles, 5 crushed aspirin, and a cap full of ACV. I applied the paste and folded a makeup remover cotton pad into my labia and it held it in place. I did this for 2 hours. It didn't burn at all so I figured I'd reapply for another 2 hours. The warts were all white at that point. I became impatient so I soaked cotton pads in straight ACV before bed and fashioned them in place. After 4 hours asleep in bed I woke up with a severe burning pain...turns out some ACV got on my urethra area and burned it too. I applied neosporin to the burned uretha and removed the ACV pads and went back to bed. The next morning the warts were gray and looked pretty dead and gross. I took more round makeup cottons and soaked them in Tea Tree oil...upon application of the TTO I noticed all the warts were falling off onto the pad. I became so excited I started rubbing a little harder and they literally all fell 2 days just using ACV and TTO my warts that I thought would plague me for months were gone. I continued to apply TTO for a few nights after just to ensure the roots were dead too. My urethra is healed up nicely and there is no scarring. this method is wonderful, cheap, private, and fast!! Goodluck ya'll any questions feel free to comment!

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What is acv


Hi does this really work? I'm suffering from GW really bad and I've been giving Warticon by my gp.. but its causing me too much pain! X


TTO is causing too much pain its worse than ACV to me.It has burned my bum cheeks.

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