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I am new to this horrible trouble down below, I never thought something so simple would smell so bad, it isn't even classed as a sexually transmitted infection either. I totally understand it is the worst thing ever , to smell so horrible, I went to the doctors and they gave me a large dosage of antibiotics for 1 day , I had to take three large tablets, I was relieved when it cleared the smell, but only to my horror the smell has returned , omg it is so horrible, I love my love making, it is only the worst thing ever to have this smell.
at the moment I am making sure I use the special female intimate wash, deodorant and talcompowder.
the only thing to do is carry it around in your handbag to use regularly and when making love really go to town on the wash, deodorant and talcompowder available at boots, superdrug.
As anyone tried using teatree oil in the bath or put a few drops inwater when washing?

there really must be something out there to cure this , does anyone know if it may be hormone related?

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Hello ladies I have also suffered with bv due to using sented soaps, feminine wash, vinegar and water (douche), colored panties, certain laundry detergent all those cause your vagina to become unbalanced. You all use a mild unsented soap, after or before sex use (refresh) its great, also use probiotic vaginal inserts/suppository make sure it say balance bacteria in the vagina also go to a herbal shop and ask for probiotics for feminine system. Trust and believe I know how it is I have suffered with this many times..... Have a blessed day


I've been dealing with bv for several years now and I definitely notice a regular difference in symptoms throughout the month, particularly the week before my period. When I last saw a doctor for this, she said that hormone fluctuations affect the pH in the vagina making you more susceptible to infection at certain times. This makes sense because I've also learned that bacteria thrive in more alkaline environments and, since blood is more on the alkaline side, it's probably easier for the infection to flourish when I'm close to my period. The converse of this is that, at other times during the month, my symptoms are virtually gone so I'm quite sure hormones play a role. Good luck!


I have suffered from this for years and just recently decided to try these home remedies. Well, I have been taking:
-odorless garlic 1000mg x2
-folic acid 800 mcg x1
-vitamin c 500 mg x1
-vitamin D3 1000 IU x1
-plain Greek yogurt

I take all these daily and did a peroxide/water douche and it has gone completely away after 3 days. I'm going to continue to take these and hope that this continues. I hope that this helps anyone cuz I was going crazy and always paranoid my boyfriend wld think I am gross. Thank God I came across this site!!!

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