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I just screamed to the top of my lungs 'omg' with laughs and giggles and joy because after spending hours reading all of your posts I found my own compilation of the CURE! After struggling with BV for one year and taking harsh anti-biotica I said no more!!! The antibiotics makes it worse for the long run because it kills your good and bad bacteria. So your body becomes resistant to the antibody... We need probiotics for the vagina to have the proper environment to keep itself clean. The vagina was meant to keep itself clean and with a few natural remedies we can cure BV. It less than 48 hours a significant improvement in smell, and taste, this is for the sake of your guys. So listen this is what you need to do ! I had to share !!!!!!!
Things you need !!!
- at CVS (cvs brand works perfectly works) buy the following items
-D3 2000iu vitamin capsules
-garlic odorless capsules 2000 mg
-folic acid 800mcg
-100% tea tree oil
-cvs brand regular douche, you will empty out
Contents later
-hydrogen peroxide 3%
And lastly the most important you need, it's a little expensive like 50 bucks but the key to your cure and better health in the downstairs area and better sex life...
- at whole foods or any health natural shop
Get ultimate flora for women 90 billion strands of propiotics. Please make sure to always keep these refrigerated because it is live cultures of probiotics. They need to be refrigerated at all times for it to work.

Instructions ... Take the 4 capsules in the morning and take another 4 before bed. I'm on day 3... I say after a week do it once a day till you feel your body has normalized it's ph balance.

On the first night. Empty out the douche and fill it up with half hydrogen peroxide and half filtered bottle water. Everyone say douching is bad. And it is!!! But it speeds up the process if you do it this one time. And since your taking tons of probiotics it will restore your balance quickly... This will flush out the bacterias ... The reason douching is bad is because you flush everything out but we don't but any nutrient back in. The probiotic will take care of it and this one is very potent, 90 billion strands.

At night take a tampon take tampon out. Dip the applicator in fage Greek yogurt plain, and insert applicator like if it was a tampon just do you can get some of that yogurt in . It has good bacterias... Any excess yogurt just rub on the top.

During the day , maybe one time or 2 times. Use a q-tip and dip in tree tea oil. And insert that for like 2 seconds and rub it around a little it serves at a antiseptic. That's it! Viola!!!!!

I'm being religious about my treatment and it's working. I check my smells and color with a q tip... In the morning get a clean q tip, pop it in, and it should be odorless and colorless. You girls should be seeing a change for sure within first 36-48 hours! I hope this helps... I have a new bf and he is the love of my life , the one, and this is such an embarrassing matter I've had to deal with , luckily he has been understanding!!!! But I'm happy to say I think I find the cure.

Other tips after hours of research. Bv is a ph imbalance! I took antibiotics many times it messes you up more later and your body is no longer capable to sustain itself naturally.
When you have sex do not leave come inside you. But also don't wash yourself with your fingers. Simply try to pee and sit in a squatting position in shower till it all falls out naturally... Then wash with a natural soap lightly ... Don't put your fingers inside to wash out. Your vagina has the capabilities to that on its own. Your can disturb your flora by doing that... Just make sure that most of it comes out as much as possible. Because another part of the problem could be that your partners semen ph level is different that a women's. So the mix can cause an alternation in natural environment. Men and women have different ph levels. Drink a lot of water with lemon to maintain natural alkaline levels in body and keep normal ph levels as well! Hopes this has helped but I followed everyone's advice on this page and made my own recipe for cure Nd it works..

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Thank you for posting. I'm very concerned about having this foul odor in my pants, and I'm not even quite sure what it is yet. It looks like BV or trichomoniasis. This made me feel much better and I'm looking forward to visiting the health foods store tomorrow.
Yours truly,
19 USA


Thanks for posting gurl!! It was crazy reading your post, cuz it was one I had hoped to be writing sooner than later.. ;) Anyhow I have been following close to the same regime. I have semi-cured myself a few times I feel, but haven't gone that extra step. I need to buy that probiotic you speak of, I read that in a different post but am on a budget as a new mom & I work full-time. My probiotics expired in July. so that is probably why I haven't fully succeeded and who knows why else; too busyy..!.!~

I have been taking:
Prenatal (nursing)
Vitamin D 2000 IU
Vitamin C 500mg
Garlic Oil 3mg
Probiotics 100 million
& Vitamin E 400 IU (for the hell of it)
Folic Acid once in a while if I don't eat much veggies that day, but the prenatals have a higher amount than most multi's I believe.

I have been douching with 50 % Hydrogen peroxide 3% & water. I have stuck garlic, probiotics or vitamin C up there (not at the same time), all seem to work to some degree, but it just goes away for a bit, then comes back. I haven't gotten a chance to buy plain yougurt yet, because the stores I went to didn't have any & my boyfriend bought me regular vanilla bean when I asked him to buy plain greek, lol. I eat yougurt daily too. And drink Cranberry Juice.

I have tea tree oil so I am going to use that too as you directed, I wasn't sure how to go about it yet, since it is a cleaning agent.

I use a tampon at work with straight hydrogen proxide and insert it, if the smell gets OC, but I haven't gotten the chance to re introduce the good flora so I'm ordering the good stuff a.s.a.p.
I am so close, thanks again.

Good Luck To All You Strong Women Out There!

side note:I just had a baby this summer, so the doctor prescribed me clotrimazole & betamethasone dipropinate cream. It is an anti-fungal cream. I use it on the area about my crack, it tears, not sure if it is related to BV, but i think it is. I was using neosporen on the tare and it didn't work. the cream helps, other than that is is worthless for curing BV, obviously becasue it's all about the inside.
I think I may have had BV for a year or two, but the smell just recently showed up since right before I got pregnant. I have had the burning sensation during sex for a long time. I am in my late 20's and have only had one partner my whole life.
I also believe this is related to pH & detoxing. Do what you feel is right for your body.. I can straight up feel my body go acidic in the morning if I drink coffee on an empty stomach or smoke a ciggy if i haven't eaten. (rarely smoke)
Feel free to comment on this. I am a super reserved person & never post on the web, but this shit is serious and needs dealt with ~ aha the lives we live =) JahLOVE*

Finally Content

Hello ladies,

I found this site and recently I did just about everything this lady did to cure a seesaw effect of yeast and BV OR BOTH AT THE SAME TIME.
I suffered for 10 years and now I know the cure is similar to hers. Once I was cured I promised I would write you all to tell you about my cure.

I agree with antibiotics - I think taking them for sinus infections caused the whole problem for me back in 2004. Then taking antifungals and antibiotics down below only worked temporarily. It always came back. I was at my wits end when I found this site.
After reading it and considering everything I have already tried I basically took similar vitamins and pills: vitamin c, folic acid, vitamin D, and drank Cranberry juice unsweetened with sugar.
Initially I douched with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water, half and half.
That immediately calmed down the general symptoms of burning and itching. I think I did it twice only. BV LIKES an ALKALINE VAGINA AND LACK OF OXYGEN. This solution floods the vagina with oxygen. Otherwise, do not douche regularly!
Then I bought REGRIGERATED Femdophilus capsules by Jarrow, shipped to me during the cold months.
I opened the capsule and dumped the powder into a small dish and moistened my finger with a little water and pressed on the powder and inserted it into my vagina and swabbed everything everywhere as far as I could go. Repeated until no more powder in the dish. I did this twice a day morning and night.
Did the vitamins and powder for about 14 days. Only douched twice initially.
After 14 days.....nothing. No pain no itch, nada. Cured.

Also semen is more alkaline in ph than your vagina. Having a lot of sex could cause reinfect ion. After having sex let that stuff come out of you and wait a might consider applying acidophilus again if unsure.
But if you get a good colony going again you might be ok.
The key is load a bunch of friendly bacteria right where it needs to your vagina. Especially if you used over the counter and prescription stuff from your doctor. This is because your vagina is now a moist home for anything that wants grow and there is no bacteria to help you and stop it.

Acidophilus makes acid as it eats and lives. This is how it got its name. This is good for you. Normal ph of vagina is about 4. These friendly germs also eat candida yeast and the acid they make guards against BV infection. Double whammy.
I tried the candida diet and taking oral probiotics before this and it did not work. And I was miserable the whole time - 2 months on that diet was miserable and no results. Oral probiotics are ok for your gut but seriously you got to put it in the place with the problem exists and do it until forms a happy colony. And putting in capsules didn't work for me because it takes time to dissolve and it starts sliding down so it doesn't get up there enough.

I hope you try this method. Remember we are actually made up of more bacteria and other things than our own cells. Those little guys are important to surviving in our environment, eating food, staying well, avoiding disease, etc.

I will also mention I am mostly vegan but eat fish and a little dairy and eggs on occasion. Stay away from fast food and junk food as much as you can and eat whole food and watch sugar consumption.

I hope all have a Happy Holiday and are BV FREE forever.


ive had the BV symptoms now for weeks i`ve tried all cures from the doctor but to no avail a it kept returning with a vengence .. i`ve now found this site and i have to say i`m so happy i did .. I`m on my first treatment og Tea Tree oil and then tomorrow i`ve got to buy some plain yogurt and a garlic bulb . i`ve got my vit C here which i`m starting tomorrow , so hopfeully next time i chat to you all i`ll be BV free and happy ..

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