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I discovered I had a red pump that was very hard on my inner right thigh. I thought it was just an ingrown hair and tried to pop it, umm never will I do that again! Well the hardness got worse and the pain increased. Come to find out it was a boil. I read so many things online about what to do. My boil was a smaller one compared to what I had read. Mine was about an inch wide (all under the skin, very hard) and it had a pimple looking pump on the surface of my skin about the size of the tip of my middle finger. The pain was horrible I had to do something. I sat in the bath tub with the water extremely hot for about an hour. That really helps the pain! I put toothpaste on the boil once I got out of the bath tub and dried off. I covered the toothpaste and the boil with gauze and medical tape. Within an hour it was starting to break open and bleed and had some white discharge mixed with the blood. I applied another hot compress (I just heated up a wet washcloth in the microwave) I applied that for about 20min then applied more tooth paste and gauze and went to sleep. When I woke up it had really drained and only have a little hard spot on my thigh. I applied more tooth paste and gauze to get me threw the work day. After the rest of the stuff is gone I will apply Neosporin and keep it covered until completely healed. So happy the toothpaste and hot compresses worked, I do not have health insurance and really can’t afford to go to the doctor.

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I can say this remedy really does work. I'm 16 and have a boil on my thigh too and I did exactly this last night and it drained it really well. It's still hard but I am letting it set so I don't disturb my skin too much.


What kind of toothpaste did you use? I have one that came to a head so i poked it and squeezed some{Alot!) of pus out. I know there is more in there and am looking for something to put on it to help drain the rest out! Is it ok to put toothpaste on it if its broken open already?

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