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I got foot warts 10 years ago, and have suffered with it for many years.
I tried apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil, didn't help. But tea tree oil amazinglly cured my husband's wart on toe.

My warts are eventually gone. I got encouraged by this site, so I go back again. Two years ago I resorted to podiatrist.The warts was a dime size, but hurting. The podiatirst scalped the stiff white skin away, cut deep around wart root (not always, but miserable hurting) then put medicine on to blister the wart. Every three weeks a treatment,the warts got small after half year. But hurting of wart still came back in a month after treatment. I could see a lot of small black dots on it. My doctor always said it was fine, the treatment was lag.Then one year passed away. This year I asked my primary physician recommend me some podiatrists. I picked one old specialist with excellent patient reviw on website. I hated I didn't find him earlier. Basically he used same way to blister the wart root, but he was much more professional and doctoral. He has always avoided hurting and bleeding. I could see red skin after several months treatment, two treatments a month, and small black dots got fewer. But a lot of dots occured again in the summer when I wore my flat stiff sandal. I more frequently visited my specialist. He urged me use conduct tape. So I started to use conduct tape and prescription Virasal between the treatments. Now warts are gone, all the thread are naturally connected.

Protocol Summary:
1. Pray to God, and if possible, you'd better spread gospel around. Because

Ephesians 6:15 And having shod your feet with the firm foundation of gospel of peace.

That should protect your feet.

2. Find a right podiatrist
3. Wear soft shoes
4. Cover your warts using Virasal and exactly size of conduct tape all time until you feel hurting

I remember someone said don't open it, don't let monster out.

Praise Lord! God bless you!

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