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<< Goodbye nerve pain >> This remedy is a must try!! SENSODYNE toothpaste!(around $5.00 a tube) It really is a miracle! Omg I couldnt think , sleep , eat. The pain went from my tooth to my ear to migraine It was hell! Then I rubbed the sensodyne on the exposed area the pain was immediately cut in half then to nothing at all! I havent yet had to reapply but if the pain returns I'm on it!! :) It has been 24hrs since I used this remedy. Hope it works for you cuz tooth pain is the worse, I'd rather give birth ten times than the agony of tooth pain!! Goodluck! <3

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Just like you I had a toothache as well except I had two on opposite sides the pain was so bad it affected my mouth, head, ears I literally could not function been to er the doctors are no help can't eat sleep or barely think I applied the sensodyne to both sides and I am in complete disbelief of how well it works my pain went from a 10 to 1-2 I can deal with that I can even sleep now!! Thank you for the advice


So I have been dealing with this pain for over a week. Tried it all. Had very little luck. Been eating ibuprofen like it is candy. I just saw this post so i ran out at 230am and got some sensodyne. Brushed my teeth with it then filled the tooth hole with it. The pain is actually dulling. Enough that i think i can fall asleep! Keep fingers crossed for me. Thank you for the info. I am feeling some relief.

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