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<< Goodbye nerve pain >> This remedy is a must try!! SENSODYNE toothpaste!(around $5.00 a tube) It really is a miracle! Omg I couldnt think , sleep , eat. The pain went from my tooth to my ear to migraine It was hell! Then I rubbed the sensodyne on the exposed area the pain was immediately cut in half then to nothing at all! I havent yet had to reapply but if the pain returns I'm on it!! :) It has been 24hrs since I used this remedy. Hope it works for you cuz tooth pain is the worse, I'd rather give birth ten times than the agony of tooth pain!! Goodluck! <3

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Ok so my better half have been complaining for two days now.. I saw this, went out and got the toothpaste, applied it to the area and IT'S GONE!! THANKS


Thanks Thanks Thanks I told my mom of this and it helped her this really works


So after DAYS of tooth pain, I went and begged my neighbor to make a store run for me... told him what I needed, and the minute I sat back down..he knocked on the door and handed me a tube. I about kissed him!!! so lets see how this works..will post back in an hour......


It's not working for me... and it's only been like 10 mins, and I've reapplied twice. ON TO THE NEXT home remedy..


This one help me so far...its been one day...of course u have to reapply every sooften


I have a horrible toothe ache. A piece of my filling from the last dentist came out and exposed the nerve. I have used Eugenol and it worked great to numb the pain but it was temporary. I am now trying Sensodyne and it is working after 5 minutes of use. I will keep you updated...


You are amazing!! I had relief in less than 5 seconds. No more Ibuprofen for me...thank you...thank you!!


I had a brand new sample bottle of sensodyne extra whitening toothpaste lying around from the state fair, it is 2 years old. I applied it.... i think it helped a little. I cant tell lol. Cant tell if its working or in my head.
Ok so its been 10 minute. Its helped , its not 100% , but its better tthen it was . Wonder if im doing it wrong ? Am i suppose to let it dry add a lot , or a little ? What i did was add a nice glob to a q tip and rubbed it in and around the broke. Tooth, i tried to let it dry bit mouth kept waterint.


I don't think I can say this enough, THANK YOU! I don't think you understand but this seriously saved my sanity. And I have 4 kids! As soon as I found this site and read these posts I went to Walmart at 5am to find Clove Oil, Sensodyne, and Dentex. Found the Dentex and Sensodyne but no Clove Oil. Applied the Sensodyne, INSTANT RELIEF! Maybe it is the nature of my exposed nerve, but this literally eased the pain 100%. As soon as I was able to handle the Dentex I applied it to the affected area and Viola! No more excruciating pain! I have to say that there is still a mild ache, which is probably due to inflammation and irritation to the affected are. I'm sure this will pass but for the moment, I can think, sleep, eat, smile... all of the things that have been missing from my life for the last 72 hours.


I have an exposed nerve on my wisdom tooth and the way it's positioned, it makes it very hard to reach back there. I know I need to go to the dentist to have the tooth extracted but without dental insurance and this close to the holiday, I just can't afford to do so right now. I have been dealing with this pain for a little while and most of the time it's a dull pain that I can bare but yesterday was one of the worst days. All I could do to try to not think about the pain was try to sleep. That alone was a difficult task. About 6am this morning I decided to do even more research, I had already gone through a list of home remedies that were unsuccessful. I came across the sensodyne method and decided to try it. I simply brushed my teeth and swished the toothpaste/water around in my mouth for a minute or so. Pain free for me. I have been popping Ibuprofen like it was going out of style but hopefully I can cut back and maintain this problem until I can go to the dentist. For a few dollars, it's worth a shot for someone suffering the way I was, and if this pain free moment doesn't last as long as I hope it does, a little moment of my day without throbbing pain in my face is well worth it.

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