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I had this boil on the top of my butt crack foralmost a week now and I am in unbearable pain. I woke up in tears. I find myself waking up at 4 am taking hot showers to help me sleep. My bf looked at it and said it looks like its about to pop so he went to the drug store to get something to drain it and bring to a head. I feel like I had the plague and god is punishing me

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if its at your tail bone u need to go to the er... its called a pilonidal cyst... my daughter had one.. it makes u sick and cant be relived unless with being lanced and antibiotics..


True. I had a pilonidal cyst as a teenager and a doctor has to drain it and then pack with gauze for internal healing. I was in treatment for about two weeks but it hasn't returned and that was 30 years ago.


I have one there right now very painful! I will be glad when its gone...

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