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Ok!! I am a 26 year old female who has regular blood tests and pelvic exams. So befor any if you start about HPV, know it WASNT that.
I went to my doctor about a lump I had on my butt. Not quite my anus, not quite gouch. My doctor said it's a akin tag and after a few tests it was confirmed. I wanted us gone but he had the at attitude like 'ahh she'll be right it's not causing a problem'. I hated it. Made me self concious and the odd man who noticed it would have a look of shock horror and ask me WTF it was.
So after months of procrastination. I researched home remedies. Found this site!!
Reading and reading everything I decided to try the old dental floss trick.
I found it so HILARIOUS squatting over a mirror trying dental floss around a pea sized lump on my bum. I told a lot of my friends cause I am the queen if you much info.
I tied dental floss around it in like a double knot. Next day did another. It SWELLED up. It went about 4 times the size and it was rock hard. It hurt a little.
For 5 days I tied string around it and washed it with alcohol and betadine. It hurt like hell by day 3 and it started to go dark.
Day 4 the area where the skin tag attached started to swell. A lot. I think the floss may have cut me and I may have gotten a bit infected.
Day 5. It was pretty swollen and hurt but the skin tag was black and where the dental floss was seemed to be very thin. So I got alcohol and cotton balls and scissors and nipped it off. I didn't feel a THING. And no blood either.
I am stocked! There is still a little swelling where it was bit in hoping that goes down.
Seriously I want to thank everyone for sharing. It made a huge difference. Day 6 today and hopefully soon I can show my lover my pretty tag free butt.

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I'm sure your loverr will be impressed...


Lucky guy!


This sounds a lot like what is happening to me now. Did the swelling ever go down? I'm worried that the skin tag is too inflamed. Mine was flatter and is now round and pea sized with a little bleeding. I'm afraid it will be too painful to just cut off since the base of the skin tag is pretty wide and fleshy.

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