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Is there a cure for Gout, maybe but I'll talk on that at the end.
I've had Gout since 2007,thats when the first big toe swelled up. Since then it has plagued me with various nuances like burning sensation of the feet and hands, joint pains especially in the feet and ankles, waking up sick and tired after what should have been a good nights rest. The list goes on as you all know from your own experience.
So here is my list for control of Gout,
> for chronic discomfort get a prescription for allopurinol to get your uric acid level in check. You can still take your favorite natural aids with it.
> My #1 kick ass natural control of gout is a few tablespoons of Bick's Bavaria-Fest WINE sauerkraut, and you only need the juice if your picky about the cabbage.
Celery seems to work great too, even though I eat with salt.
Apple cider vinegar, good for most anything. I have yet to try it with baking soda, but combined I think it would be a good buffer for any stomach ailment.
A fresh orange, cherries (many people keep cherries froze so they have them on hand when out of season), etc. Hey if it works for your then use it.
Consumables I stay away from,
> Liqueurs, the high glucose is just bad and will trigger a big flare up overnight every time for me.
Pastas, a little now and then is okay but to much and I'm burning calories at night that lead to high uric acid levels.
Commercially cured meats, again a little now and then shouldn't hurt but the nitrate salts can cause a high uric level quickly. Also doctors are claiming that eating a lot of cured meats leads to colon cancer, I'm not so sure about that ?
Things to NOT do if you have gout,
> get injured, ever notice that even a small injury like a sprain cause's a high fever sensation. Is there a link between inflammation and uric acid levels?
Stop eating meat and sea foods, bah humbug, that's just wife's tale's. If a certain food appears to bring on gout, it is more likely that that food has always been a burden on you but with gout now in your life you just come to realise it.
keeping to warm, especially the feet, they need to be kept cool.
Grin and bare it, those UA crystals are like sand paper on your joints so be gentle on yourself and don't over do it during gout flares.
Complain too much, I'm 55 now and I get enough respect. Just an occasional reminder to friends and co-workers of the disease I suffer with is enough to retain my dignity.
Things TO do to control gout,
> Exercise, just light moderate exercise is best. You need to keep those joints flexible enough to help pump out the inflammation and uric acid. Also an increase in blood flow quickly carries away and balances the UA and I believe the fresh blood carries with it the natural combatants that fight the (yet unknown)cause of gout.
Soak your feet, I fill a foot bath with as hot as I can stand it water , add Epsom salt, lavender and sage, then sit in my easy chair and soak my feet for an hour. I keep an ottoman affront with a towel on it so I can take my feet in and out for comfort.
Keep your feet cool, day and night. If you are a gout sufferer then you should know that cool feet are happy feet.
Keep your legs and feet up, I have mastered going to a pool or lake in only a few feet of water I float in a sitting position thereby giving my legs and feet the sensation of weightlessness. Wow does that feel good ! Could it be I really am from Mars??

I am sure there is much more all of us could add and I really would appreciate your feed back.
Now I would like others to here my opinion on the cure for gout. Just like stomach ulcers, gout has long since been considered a disease of the lifestyle. England's King Henry 8th being the most famous of gout sufferers gave way to the thought that a lavish lifestyle eating rich foods was the cause of the disease. And that school of thought still prevails, even in the minds of most who are suffering from gout today. And so it was the same with the story of stomach ulcers until one day (after 60 years of banishment in the scientific world)some young post university student of medicine took a few samples from some willing ulcer patients and looked at the samples in an electron microscope and behold, Thar be tiny little bacterium in his slide. Helicobacter pylori, it took only a short while to figure out that an antibiotic containing bismuth would kill the bacterium and now people no longer need to suffer (some died) from this disease.
So could gout be caused by a tiny little bacteria or fungi (I think the latter)that is hiding from our view and from the bodies auto immune system (maybe in the bone of the big toe).
Just thought I would toss that out there.

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