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Hi my name is mikayla, I just recently have been noticing a more fishy smell coming for down there. I have no stds, no yeast infection, and I've had the same partner for the past 8 months, no burning, sometimes itching. I looked up my symptoms and thought I could have bv. I'm so embarrassed having intercourse because it's smells sometimes and I don't know what to do. I use vagisil wash but sometimes I feel like it smells worse when I use it. Are there any remedies that you think would help?

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Oh yes, I have been reading all these complicated remedies for a while now and one girl posted to use frozen chunks of extra virgin coconut oil. I found coconut oil gel packed capsules in the mega grocery store (maybe try health food stores if you can't find it) and popped one up there and I have NEVER been happier! I wish I had known this 10 years ago, this is something I have struggled with on and off for YEARS!!! She had many thankful reviews, I had tried many prescriptions, douches etc and this is the best thing I have EVER tried and it worked immediately. I was looking through the posts trying to find her to thank her. Good luck :)

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