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I used to have painful heartburn that even woke me up in the middle of the night. It was awful. I went to the doctor, and she of course, prescribed me 60 days of Prilosec, which I refused.

There is something very wrong about taking a medication to solve heartburn. So, I conducted a lot of research. Turns out the biggest contributor to heartburn is BREAD.

I switched my diet totally and went Paleo/Primal and my heartburn is gone. No more bread, no processed foods, no grains, no flour. The food that I eat has to meet the following criteria, or I do not eat it:

If it runs, eat it.
If it flies, eat it.
If it swims, eat it.
If it grows from a plant, eat it.
Fruit and dairy in moderation (watch the sugar)

Eat clean, and watch your heartburn take a hike. Mark Sisson and The Primal Blueprint are your life guides!

Good luck!

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Nick M

I tend to agree with this , my bugbear is pastry and beer which I hardly drink now. however you should see a doc as you might need to clear H Pylori with anti biotics. the best medicine for GERD is without a shadow of doubt NEXIUM

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