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Make a solution with two tablespoons of white vinegar in a cup of boiled, cooled water. Store in a clean jar and use whenever necessary. Clean your skin. Dab your solution containing white vinegar onto the affected area several times a day; use a warm, green tea bag for an even better treatment. (Thanks to

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Pure vinegar works just fine too. Just dab it on your pimples with a cotton ball for like 15 min or so (it’ll burn a little) and then either wash it off with cold water or simply ice your face. I use peppermint tea - freeze it and ice your face with it. Oh, and your zits might turn white from vinegar. It'll be gone by morning. I can say that this remedy doesn't work overnight on my zits, since i have cystic acne, but if you catch it early enough, it might never surface. For regular acne, however, white vinegar works wonders. Good luck!

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