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Tonic water with quinine works. I don't get it often but when I do it works every time.

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From reading most of the pages on this site, I have learned that at one time American doctors prescribed quinine for leg cramps. My question has always been, Are leg cramps and restless legs the same thing? It seems that the RLS is caused probably by dopamine levels and leg cramps by exertion and low sodium or low potassium from sweating. So if leg cramps and RLS are not the same can the quinine really have any effect? Also, I have read that you could never get enough quinine from drinking tonic water. When I first read about tonic water, I was hopeful, but a big class before bed for a week or so did not relieve my RLS. But does anyone think that RLS and leg cramps are the same or at least related?


Drinking it or soaking your feet in it?


no, leg cramps and RLS is not the same thing at all.


lightly touching or pulling on even one ankle relieves rls in both legs for me. using the mind like math problem relieves it also. oxycodone or marijuana takes it away for the whole evening.

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