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So basically I'm 15 and live with my dad, in the country, 10 miles from any god damm shop. So I decided from reading all the websites, I would try 4 things and see if they worked 1. Garlic 2. Yoguart 3. Petroleum Jelly 4. Vinegar. Did we have any of these in the house. NO. So I had to emabessly send my dad out, when he came back, I dispasperad in the bathroom, and I tried all four even though I had immediete relief after the garlic and yoguart, GARLIC AND YOGURT WORKS lol, but anyway, my dad sat me down that right, and looks really freaked out cause he was like, are you pregnant? I was like no I've never even had sex, and he was like so why the fuck am I hoping out to buy god damm garlic, and I was like lol! He thought I was getting carvings to eat them lol! But anyway garlic works, and so does yoguart, but garlic better :-D

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Garlic has always worked very well for me, even when Diflucan has failed. I hope it worked for you. As for the people who have it in them to bully you and try to 'parent' you regarding language, it's not only hypocritical but unnecessary. I'm 19 years older than you are, my language at your age was about the same, it's about the same now, and it's just WORDS. And frankly, with a horrible yeast infection, it does make one want to shout on a mountain top every last 'bad' word they know. I'm sorry people were so nasty with you when you were just trying to express yourself, sweetheart. Did anyone suffer any emotional trauma (needing psychotherapy), physical harm, or death because they read 'fuck' and 'goddamn'? Didn't think so. ;o)


If you had read the comment correctly, instead of being so judgmental, the kid only said damn. She repeated what her father said abouther being pregnant!


Your post is ME! Being raised by hilarious yet somewhat clueless type of dad wasn't easy... However... People will value you for your uniqueness, as we have a different perspective than most women raised with a mom. One which is quite clever and wise.



But what?!? You could, but she can't? What a god damn hypocrite.

To 15-year-old, I would like to say good for you that you got rid of your YI, that you took charge, that you have a dad who cares, and that you, unlike certain moralists, have a sense of humour!

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