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I researched what other people were saying I finally decided on crushed garlic and sea salt. I put it around my tooth. And kwpt it there for only a couple of minutes . Instant relief. Not completely gone. But when I woke up next morning. I felt great. Highly recommend to try

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You are 100% right garlic is the best hands down. It works great :-)


Use fresh garlic chew it a little bit and keep it right on tooth it will burn like hell keep it on tho u will be glad u did


Garlic helped more than I could have ever imagined! My pain was so severe, into my cheek and under my eye. It was Sunday and this was my last resort... Yes, it worked! :)


it really works thank you for posting that


Hi I'm in need of help its sunday and I feel like I'm going to die please someone help I have a bad tooth pain it gos away for a min but comes right back help me please


I had a broken tooth and in sever pain after a few weeks. Found this garlic and sea salt suggestion and YES it works


Yes! It really helps

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