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Hello everyone,

I was diagnosed with GH in April of this year. I was having unprotected sex with one guy, my boyfriend, now my ex-boyfriend. He was very dirty. I found out later that he did not bath often and he was sleeping with another girl. When I got my first OB I thought it was a bad yeast infection but none of the normal over the counter remedies were helping. I scheduled a doctor's appointment and he said that it was not a yeast infection but I had contracted GH. I was devastated. My whole world stopped and I immediately felt like giving up. I felt like ending my own life. I called my ex he didn't answer so when he called back I told him. His response was that he wasn't infected and that he knew when something was wrong with his dick. My doctor prescribed acyclovir. It has been working fine and I haven't had an OB until now. This is my second one and its painful.

Im so glad that I found this site. I am still dealing with this traumatic life changing event. However I have not told my family or friends because they are extremely judgemental and I don't need that stress. I am very careful with linens and other personal items that I use when I am at their houses. I am taking this one day at a time. I cry everyday because I didn't ask for this. The pain is unbearable and I wouldn't wish this pain on my worst enemy. How do I tell the people I love dearly, that a person they love and admire, has HSV-2?

As for the home remedy thing, I tried the witch hazel and the tea tree oil. I also started taking the Lysine tablet and they are HUGE. The witch hazel burned for a few minutes then the burning went away. The tea tree oil was very soothing and it didn't burn. So far the witch hazel and tea tree oil has help ease the pain so I can urinate. So I think I am going to keep using the tea tree oil and witch hazel and continue taking the Lysine tablets.

I hope this helps. I just thought I would share my story.

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Try using triple antibiotic ointment. It helps relieve the pain, and the sores go away much faster. It is a little messy, but better than the alternative.


Thanks for the information!


I lived with simplex 2 herpes from April 1966 until 2011. I set my water heater thermostat at 135% and started ending my shower by rinsing 2 or 3 minutes with 135% water. The sores I had at the time dried up overnight and have not recurred since in 2 and 1/2 years. I still use the hot water daily.


for heartburn relief take a good swig of bread and butter pickle juice. A great tasting way to take apple cider vinegar, if you don't the pickles just mix some water with the vinegar to tone it down.


I Found out a few months back. I'm so lost. Nothing seems to help the pain. I have tried everything. I'm 26 yrs old I feel like my life has just crumbled. But my family motivate me to keep pushing. Cause it could be worst. I feel nobody knows what I'm feeling. Thank God for this site.


Am 34 years, leaving with this virus for over 10 years on my dick,some time had deep cut round my dick,scratching but not always painful.The blister and very light skin of my dick as a result of the virus get pilled when ever I had sex, even with double condom. I always used Virest tablet and cream which kill the pain faster but the symptoms still remains. I think Harbal solution is best.


After using the witch hazel try blistex gel in the white tube. Not only is it soothing it helps to heal the sores. Keep appling all day.


Also check on google the benefits of tagamet a medication for ulcers. It contains cimetidine a beta block that is suppose to work like GH meds but alot cheaper

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