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Hi. My name is missy and i have had bv for 6 years. I have had it since i first got my period.i have always been bullied coz of it.i just started college and guss what i am lebled as the smelly girl. I have tried every thing including H2O2.nothing work.i am thinking of taking probiotics coz i have hurt my body eith all the antibiotic i took.any suggestions plz help befour i commite suside.

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Veronica B

6 years is a long time to deal with BV. I'm so sorry, but there is much hope. I've had it a few times and have been able to treat it very easily. I really do understand how it makes a woman feel to have this, not feeling attractive would be an understatement of the emotional effects. I tried every single ' home remedy' I could find and well, they never worked. I finally got the courage to see a doctor. I felt so embarrased, and I was just wanting to get it over with, the though never even crossed my mind to request a female doctor. Oh yes, in walked a male, as if it couldn't get any worse. But I guess praying the whole night before worked! He knew immediately what was wrong with me and was so understanding of my embarrassment. I just told him of a foul fish like odor and increased discharge, he did a quick PAP like exam, and I say quick because he only took one swab, he went in another room to reform a quick test, looking for clue cells. I could get more into this but it's all boring. He came back and wrote me a prescription, a gel to insert. After only a day it was gone!!! But please use the whole gel as directed, I also asked for 2 gel's incase it returned so I wouldn't have to go through this again. Drink plenty of water, don't stress( hard nit to do when your in college), eat some yogurt everyday, and show those people you simply had an issue many women deal with. Good luck girl!


I have suffered since before puberty hit! I'm 16 now & the only gyno i've gone to says its my normal flora ?? I don't believe this!! Do you know the name of the gel ? I've tried probiotics and a few other home remedies & still nothing! It really is embarrassing..i went several times to my gyno..hoping for a different result.


Hello!!! Ladies!!! Have been having the same embarrasing bv problems for over 4 yrs on and off!!! Only Girls that have/had bv problems know whats its like to live like this!!! Horrible!!!! Well just like everyone else have tried just about everything have gone to Gynaecologist so many times and it eventually comes back!!! Well I finally did some reaserch myself and came across Vh Essentials Homeopathic Bv Capsules!!! They do wonders from day one!!! You wnt belive it!!! They help you reduce Bv symptoms from one day to the next!!! Symptoms like foul (fishy) smell, discharge and irritation!!! I Strongly!!! Suggest you take it along with probiotics (Acidophilus) vitamins!!! That will help cure Bv!!! I just started recently and I feel soooo Good, Free!!! Healthy!!! Each of these over the counter treatments can be found @ any local pharmacy like walgreens and/walmart!!! And their about $10 Ea Feeling Bv Free its Priceless Girls!!! GOD BLESS!!! :)


I have had it for two years and need to manage it almost daily. I understand your suicidal thoughts. I felt the same. Just know you are not alone. Try this. Have a bath in apple cider vinegar, let the water go into vagina and push out. Make sure bath is clean with natural soaps only. , 3 cups in the bath. Soak for 30 mins. Do this once a day. Soak tampon in hydrogen peroxide and insert for 3 mins, do the same with tea tree oil. Take vitamin D daily and folic tablets.


Veronica the gel is another type of antibiotic and doesn't help everyone. I tried it twice. And it only made it worse.


Veronica the gel is another type of antibiotic and doesn't help everyone. I tried it twice. And it only made it worse.


I am just now starting to have the same problems. It's going on two months now and it's so stressful. I've tried using rephresh but that didn't work. I've tried vinegar and salt but that didn't work as well. I have a boyfriend 'been together a year' and I'm afraid to have sex with him bc of my problem. Help me PLEASE !


the gel is called metrogel. U take for 5 days vaginally but symptoms are usually gone by day 3.There is also pills but they r gross! I always use the gel because I drink alcohol sometimes only thing is no sex and u take it at bedtime!


Hello, I have been suffering from repeated recurrences of BV. I went the Dr, took the antibiotics, just to have the infection return.

What I found to help and reestablish good bacteria balance in my body is:
I took a bath and poured bragg's organic vinegar and baking soda in the water. This refreshed my bodies scent and discomfort.
I also changed my soap to neutrogena fragrance free soap.
The pharmacist recommended RepHresh Pro-B (found in the feminine isle and cost $30... but well worth it!). He said to take the Pro-B for 2 months faithfully.

I have been feeling normal again!

I hope you find this helpful. I can understand you feeling hopeless. But don't give up!


Yes I think I found what works for me and I hope it works for you! Someone posted that if you put chunks of frozen extra-virgin coconut oil up there that it neutralizes your PH. I have been to doctors and have tried many prescriptions, tried douches and other home remedies but this finally worked for me. I bought the gel-caps at the local mega-grocery but you can order them online if you can't find them. For the 1st time in my life I am soooo happy. Pop a gel-cap up there after your next period (it's always worse for me then) and hopefully you won't have to spend years of fear that it will be back next week. Good luck :)

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