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Defeated Shingles

Hi... I've read a ton of stuff, on the web, on sites such as this one and in books. A combination of information from various sources has helped me immensely.

First, you know that there is some immune issue, whether due to stress or underlying illness, so one thing that's absolutely necessary is vitamin D. You can get sub-lingual vitamin D drops that are 500IU per drop. I took 10,000IU/day for three days while doing the following for my shingles.

Apply apple cider vinegar. The vinegar burns like heck, but it appears to help dry the blisters more effectively than tea tree oil. Rinse the area with cool water and pat dry.

Apply Manuka honey. That's right...Manuka hone. THIS IS SOOOOO SOOTHING you'll wonder why it hasn't been mentioned previously. Do a search. Manuka honey has very strong antiviral properties. Also, eat a tablespoon of Manuka honey every day...for the rest of your life! It's expensive, but it's THAT good for you. Now, the honey is sticky, of course. So, I cover it with a clean, damp paper towel so it doesn't run.

At night, before going to sleep, wash the honey off completely and apply calamine lotion. Regular calamine lotion is good but what's better is 'drying lotion.' Drying lotion is a calamine lotion based mixture containing calamine lotion and a percentage of phenolic essential oils like eucalyptus and menthol. It's fantastic. Do a web search for drying lotion. It's usually used for acne but trust me. It works very well in this context.

The downside of using calamine is that it's kind of hard to get off. So you have to wash gently numerous times with a mild soap to get it all off.

If you must go to work, you still have to do all of this at least once a day. If you don't have to go out of your house, or you can't, then do this routine 3-4 times a day. Back to normal within a week.

Stay away from chocolate and coffee.
Continue taking 500IU/day vitamin D
Take 500mg/day lysine
Take 1000mg/day vitamin C

Get plenty of rest :c)

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This is great information! Thank you. I would like to add a natural and organic product called Klima Naturasil for Shingles sold by Klima Health Solutions online. It is great for alleviating shingles and has no side effects I can find. Being all-natural is important to me :)

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