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Severly Depressed

I'm 33 yrs old and have only been with 2 men in my life...So I don't know why I've suddenly been cursed with recurrent bv, I've tried virtually everything but every month this being the third mth the bv has returned...I have tried washing with only water, wearing no underwear at night, vitamin d tablets, vitamin c, probiotics, multivitamins, peroxide and every mth before or after my period bv rears its ugly head...this mth I was so sure I had it beat as I took all the necessary steps to prevent it....but I'm not sure what to do next I'm considering giving up on sex uncertain if that's also a trigger...any advice

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Cooked regular food causes fermentation, a condition where anaerobic bacteria thrive. Make green smoothies in a blender from organic baby leaves, eat some organic berries, and eat grass fed hamburger rare. Put some raw honey up there. This creates a condition called respiration where aerobic bacteria thrive and also nourishes the cells. Watch raw food videos for inspiration.


Hi! I have been dealing with bacteria vaginosis for over 7 years on and off. I'm 32 years old and like you have tried multiple remedies only to have the BV return. Let me suggest that you clean up your diet (if needed), include a lot of green veggies (smoothies) and fruit and drink lots of water. With or without BV, we all need a good wholesome diet. Now on to the what I happen upon which completely got rid of my BV when I wasnt even expecting it too! A few months ago I diagnosed myself with having fibroids because I started having very long, heavy periods and severe cramps. I started taking cod liver oil capsules and MACA powder along with DEVA natural multivitamin. I'm not sure which one supplement stopped the BV, but I haven't had a recurrence since. I truly with all my heart and soul believe without a doubt that it was the cod liver oil capsules due to the high content of vitamin A and K which when I googled deficiencies in the body that can cause BV, vitamin(s) A & K are linked to BV. Again, I wasn't trying to cure the BV but the fibroids and low and behold, I have been BV free for months. I'm fresh as a baby down there! Try the cod liver capsules... I bought mines from my local health food store for 7 bucks. The bottle states to take 1 every 4 times per day but because I was trying to get rid of fibroids, I took maybe 4 or 5 three or 4x per day (perfectly safe to take high dosages) I take maybe 2 three times per day or even less...sometimes I even skip a day unless I'm on my period, then I take high doses again. Try it!


This is what I did:
-odorless garlic pills x2
-folic acid x1
-vitamin D3 x1
-vitamin C
-plain Greek yogurt(eaten)
-first nite I used hydrogen peroxide/water douche

All the rest I take daily and it has really helped. No smell and no discharge! And this is after having it on and off for years! I also drink plenty of water and cranberry juice! I hope that this may help u! I know it helped me.

One in a million

I also started taking Maca Root and it subsided... Bv is a imbalance and maca root balances... I believe maca root cured mube because it is so potent

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