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Toni Henderson

Put some vanilla abstract on a Q-tip and hold it directly on the pain till pain stops. Its has to be the original vanilla abstract. It will work up to 3 times only.

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Did you mean extract, because there is no such thing as Vanilla Abstract.


How many hours will this work for


I had a filling come out and started having terrible pain. I tried Anbesol and it would numb it for a short period of time then the pain would return. I don't have insurance so not able to go to the dentist. I went to Wal Mart and got something called Temparin Max. You just put some in the tooth and it hardens up like a temporary filling and has stopped the pain. I know I will eventually have to go to a dentist but this is working great for now. Hope this helps. Also, it costs less than $3.00.


yeah I want to take medical advice(or any advice for that matter) from someone who recommends vanilla ABSTRACT! for tooth pain


old school vanilla extract is made with bourbon, or ethyl alcohol. This method actually works. It needs to be done consistently every hour or so.

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